Unlocking the Power
of Courageous Leadership


You’ve just entered the world of a completely different type of leadership.

A kind of leadership that builds teams, strengthens organizations, and fulfills your purpose on earth: to teach, learn, collaborate with, and understand others and yourself.

Imagine this free guide is like opening up the windows and letting light in after a long winter – the scenery will not have changed (your role as a leader), but it’s a new season, and you’re looking with fresh eyes at the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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Let’s Dig Deeper

Unlock your true potential as a courageous leader through this free interactive guide. Inside my free guide, Unlocking the Power of Courageous Leadership, we will…

  • Uncover the type of leader you currently are.
  • Allow you space to self-reflect on where you’re at and determine where you’d like to go.
  • Work through the core of your guiding vision as a leader.
  • Understand the values of an effective leader and how they relate to you.

Why This is for You!

Leadership is a grand responsibility, and just like the “unexamined life” that Socrates spoke about, the “unexamined leader” is not really leading – just going through the motions.

Do you currently feel like…

  • There’s more for you in your career?
  • You’ve finally reached the leadership role you’ve desired, but something just doesn’t click?
  • You’re longing to be a leader that everyone feels inspired by?
  • You aren’t reaching your full potential as a leader?

You’re better than that. You’re bold, brave, and ready to do the work that will unlock and activate your leadership superpowers.

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Download my free guide, Unlocking the Power of Courageous Leadership, today!

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Success Stories

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.

Warren Bennis.

Meet Belinda

Belinda EganBelinda believes that the core of a successful leader comes from the core of the individual. There is no foolproof formula for great leaders. The work required to create a transformative leader is highly individual. That’s where Belinda comes in. In this free guide, Belinda offers a step-by-step interactive exercise that masters the beginning phases of doing the hard work as a leader, taking a look inward.

Belinda is an experienced leader who has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and profoundly understands the corporate landscape’s intricacies. She has seen the best and worst leaders.
A great leader takes the time to develop themselves and fully develop their teams, empowering them to learn, succeed, and grow personally and professionally. Effective leadership focuses on the person as a whole and recognizes that we cannot make a lasting change unless we get to the core of who we are as an individual.

With Belinda’s diverse background and years of experience in leadership development, she is ready to connect with you and your team to deeply understand where you are, where you’ve been, and how to help you get to where you need to go. Belinda will teach you how to think beyond the ladder to unlock success that resonates well beyond the corner office or the fancy title. She will guide you in creating a sustainable leadership style through self-awareness, insight, and meaningful communication – the three foundational elements of developing a great leader.

The world is filled with “coaches” who follow the straight and narrow, so when you’re looking for someone to light your path to leadership and real, personal success, Belinda is here for you.


As you journey through this free guide, don’t be afraid of questions and answers that feel intrusive or uncomfortable. On the contrary, these questions and answers are exactly where your superpowers are hiding. Push forward. Be courageous. Enter the new world, the new age, of Courageous Leadership.

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Download my free guide, Unlocking the Power of Courageous Leadership, today!

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