The Leader’s Edge

Experience Ongoing Support

This all-inclusive membership program will give you the tools you need to effectively lead your team to success through accountability, ongoing training, and continued support from Belinda.

Having already completed Courageous Leadership, you have the skills you need to get started. This membership is for those ready for the next step – for those looking for the necessary encouragement and motivation to keep you moving forward – beyond the course finish line.

Have you completed Belinda’s Courageous Leadership Online Course? Are you looking for someone to hold you accountable to keep thriving on your journey to fulfilling your leadership potential? Are you looking to expand your leadership skills for continual growth?

Of course, you are! You’re not satisfied by just the beginning. Courageous Leaders never are.

Belinda will walk beside you on your leadership journey, holding you accountable, and give you the confidence to continue developing into the leader you are meant to be. She will provide you with weekly thought leadership conversations, tips, tricks, and so much more.

It isn’t always going to be easy (most things worth having aren’t), but it will be worth it! The membership program will help you develop professionally, understand yourself more fully, and empower yourself and those around you to impact and elevate your entire community.

The Leader’s Edge Membership Program Price!
$297 Monthly
$2997 Annually (Save 15%)

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What Belinda’s Clients are Saying

“Belinda is an extraordinary woman who knows no bounds when it comes to finding your true self. Her leadership, positivity, and love transform lives for the better, including my own. Thank you, Belinda!”
– Jilly L.
“Belinda is genuinely passionate about helping others. She specifically excels in leadership development, sales, coaching, and building relationships. She cares about the person, not the title or opportunity. I have had the pleasure to work with Belinda on many projects and team activities, and she brings a fresh perspective and a fun personality with her wherever she goes!”
– Candy K.
“Every experience I’ve had with Belinda has always been a positive one! She has a great personality that outshines her organizational skills. I have never been disappointed with her work to help me make the right choices for my company’s needs. Belinda gets the job done well, and it didn’t take long at all for me to trust her; she is a professional who cares about her clients!”
– Katiya X.
“Belinda is goal-oriented, enthusiastic, and passionate about Leadership and Sales. She is energetic, encouraging, has excellent coaching skills, helps to build top-performing teams and to top it off, she is business savvy!”
– Cindy W.

What’s Included

Purchase The Leader’s Edge and Gain Access to…

  • Weekly thought leadership on all things Leadership Development
  • Easy-to-implement action items that are total game-changers
  • Access to Discounted Mini-Coaching Sessions (an offer I don’t give anywhere else) that will help you overcome whatever obstacle you’re facing at the moment
  • Insights on how to develop leaders and become a thought leader yourself
  • Collaborate with other leaders
  • Learn to engage your team like never before
  • A community where leaders come together to develop their leadership skills and continually evolve and enable themselves to effect lasting positive change

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The Leader’s Edge Membership Program Price!
$297 Monthly
$2997 Annually (Save 15%)

Enroll by Monthly Payments   Enroll by Annual Payments

Meet Belinda

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.”
– Warren G. Bennis

Belinda believes that the core of a successful leader comes from the core of the individual. There is no foolproof formula for great leaders. The work required to create a transformative leader is highly individual. That’s where Belinda comes in. With this membership, she will guide you and stand by your side as you deepen your journey as a Courageous Leader.

Belinda is an experienced leader who has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and profoundly understands the corporate landscape’s intricacies. She has seen the best and worst leaders.

A great leader takes the time to develop themselves and fully develop their teams, empowering them to learn, succeed, and grow personally and professionally. Effective leadership focuses on the person as a whole and recognizes that we cannot make a lasting change unless we get to the core of who we are as an individual.

With Belinda’s diverse background and years of experience in leadership development, she is ready to connect with you and your team to deeply understand where you are, where you’ve been, and how to help you get to where you need to go. Belinda will teach you how to think beyond the ladder to unlock success that resonates well beyond the corner office or the fancy title. She will guide you in creating a sustainable leadership style through self-awareness, insight, and meaningful communication – the three foundational elements of developing a great leader.

The world is filled with “coaches” who follow the straight and narrow, so when you’re looking for someone to light your path to leadership and real, personal success, Belinda is here for you.

Become a Member Today

The Leader’s Edge Membership Program Price!
$297 Monthly
$2997 Annually (Save 15%)

Enroll by Monthly Payments   Enroll by Annual Payments